Lose Inches, Stubborn Fat, Tighten, Tone, Detoxify and reduce the appearance of Cellulite!

Lose 5-15 inches in one hour! Slender Results Inch Loss Clay is formulated to penetrate deep into the skin cells to remove toxins and stimulate fat loss through the bodies natural cleansing system.

Perfect for those special occasions to fit into your party dress, wedding dress, or any outfit! Lose inches quickly with this salon formula in just 1 hour. Want to look fabulous in your bathing suit for your weekend outing, this clay will tone, tighten and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Inch Loss Clay

Slender Results Inch Loss Clay lets you reduce inches fast without surgery! This amazing clay is the most advanced formula on the market for reducing inches, detoxifying the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and for healthier, firmer skin. You will see true results in 1 hour!

This is the same formula used in Salons and Spas worldwide! Salons and Spas don't want you to know about this amazing formula and how easy it is to use! A body wrap treatment in a salon will cost you $85 - $300! SAVE and get the same results with this do-it-yourself Inch Loss Clay formula. Clay
Contains the highest qualtiy ingredients specifically formulated for toning, tightening, reducing inches and the appearance of cellulite.

It is so easy to use!

Slender Results Inch Loss Clay is applied directly to the skin on the areas where you wish to reduce inches, cellulite, detoxify, tone and tighten. Immediately after applying the Clay, wrap the area with plastic wrap. Do not wrap too tightly.

Apply Inch Loss ClayWrap with PlasticIt's that easy!

After wrapping the area, cover with a sweat suit, sauna suit or blanket and stay warm for 1 hour. Remove plastic and wipe off excess clay with a moist warm cloth. Follow up with Slender Results Anti-Cellulite Gel for best results. Treatment can be repeated 2-3 times per week until desired results are achieved.


"This product is amazing! I lost 9 inches in my first wrap! And now my jeans are loose. "

"So easy to use. Tones and tightens. I lost an 1 1/2 inches in my waist and 1/2 inch in each leg! Will use again!"

"It worked on my baby belly pouch! I was worried that I would never get my pre-pregnancy belly back until I found this product! It tightens, tones and reduces that extra fat in the belly area! Amazing!"


"I bought this product to use before my wedding. It worked wonders! I started a week before my wedding and used it 3 times. Each time toned and reduced inches. Overall, 15 inches lost! I looked and felt beautiful on my wedding day. I would recommend this to every bride to be!"

"I love getting a body wrap in a salon, but these days, I can't justify the cost. This product lets me get the same results at a fraction of the price! Detoxifies and reduces fat. Leaves me looking and feeling great! I am hooked! No more expensive salon visits needed!"

"I had a few problem areas and I was considering liposuction. I thought I'd give this product a try and I can't believe the results! Spot treatments are so easy and it works! No need for surgery!"

"I had more than a few problem areas, I was looking to reduce all over. I started using this product and I'm down 18 inches overall, 4" in my stomach alone! It really works!"

"I used this product on my double chin and now I look 10 years younger!"

"I just lost 80 pounds and had issues with flabby areas on my body. I started using this product regularly and am flabbergasted by the results! It tightens and tones and leaves the skin smoother! My skin looks incredible and I feel great!"

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Slender Results Inch Loss Clay

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